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Ever since the Wood Review suggested that collaboration was key to survival in the UKCS, there has been a great deal said about the advantages of collaboration i.e. lower costs, increased margin, reduction in project timescales, reduction in risk, access to scarce skills and knowledge and increased innovation.

Oil & Gas companies now want to know HOW they should collaborate and are looking within the Oil & Gas sector, and outside it, to learn best practice, and what the realities are versus the rhetoric.

The Institute for Collaborative Working and  the University of Aberdeen, in  association with the  Engineering Construction Industry Training Board have responded  by hosting  The Oil & Gas Conference: Making Collaboration Work In Practice. The Conference brings together, for the first time in Oil & Gas, a wide range of speakers and expertise from companies who have made collaboration work for them. The experience and lessons learned in these companies will be invaluable to Oil & Gas managers, function heads, executives and investors who want their companies to collaborate but are not sure how to approach it.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear the experiences of seasoned practitioners in Oil & Gas Operators but also from Major Engineering Companies, Construction Companies and Infrastructure Management Companies who have developed tried and tested methods to make collaboration work. Included are companies who have had their work approved to BS11000 (Collaborative Business Relationships) Standard.