Reproductive Health Care and Policy Concerns:
Regulation of Surrogacy Arrangements in Sri Lanka and Lessons Learned from the United Kingdom

This is a British Council-funded collaborative research project that seeks to set up a learning platform on law and policy pertaining to surrogacy as a form of assisted reproduction, and to address the evidence gaps in relation to the regulation of surrogacy arrangements in Sri Lanka. The project aims to assist Sri Lankan authorities in regulating surrogacy arrangements by providing them with the opportunity to learn lessons from the UK and other East and South-East Asian countries. Ultimately, the project seeks to prevent Sri Lanka from becoming a destination for cross-border commercial surrogacy in South Asia. The project commenced on 20 January 2020 and will end on 31 December 2021. It is funded by the British Council under the South Asia Small-Scale Research Project Scheme.


The Project Workshop seeks to bring together academics, policy makers and other interested stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to cross-border commercial surrogacy in South and South-East Asia, with the view of exchanging experience and discussing the most suitable legislative approaches to regulating surrogacy with the view of preventing exploitation of women and children and other human rights abuses. Please see the Workshop Programme for more details.