Seafood Traceability and Consumers Workshop 2021

Seafood Traceability and Consumers Workshop 2021

Seafood Traceability and Consumers Online Workshop 2021 

17th June 2021

Seafood production constitutes a global market with complex interactions between supply chains and actors. Increasingly, the traceability of seafood is dominating the agenda in response to concerns about legality, quality, human rights and sustainability of seafood products. Informed consumers are demanding more information about the journey of seafood from ocean to plate.

The EU Interreg project SEATRACES ( is developing new tools, techniques and opportunities to support seafood traceability in the Atlantic maritime region. As a part of this project, SEATRACES is engaging with stakeholders on the importance of traceability to support the quality and sustainability of the Atlantic regions’ fisheries and aquaculture.

Aims of the workshop:

  1. engage consumer-facing organisations about the latest trends and debates in traceability 
  2. to advance our understanding of the role of consumer values and practices on traceability.

The workshop will highlight the latest innovations in seafood traceability and how these can support more informed seafood consumer movements. Content will include:

Updates from the SEATRACES team on latest developments, techniques and control measures in traceability.

  • Understanding evolving EU regulations and their impact on seafood labelling.
  • Presenting the results from a SEATRACES Atlantic area survey on consumer awareness, values and preferences. 
  • Identifying mechanisms for consumers to be engaged to support traceability.
  • Supporting consumer focused organisations to respond to traceability challenges & develop strategies.