Online CPD course

This half-day online CPD course helps businesses and entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of ‘Industry 4.0' by showing how automation can improve your manufacturing processes.

This half-day online CPD course enables businesses and entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of ‘Industry 4.0' by showcasing the potential of robotics and automation for increasing productivity in manufacturing processes. It is estimated that technologies related to Robotics and Autonomous Systems will have a potential annual economic impact in 2025 of $9.8–19.3 trillion. The goal of the course is to give company leaders a better understanding of ways in which robotic solutions can be practically applied in bespoke industrial contexts. It also identifies several areas of opportunity for engineers from other fields to utilise their existing knowledge within the field of robotics. Open to all levels and experience, the course will give attendees an insight into key hardware options and operating systems, as well as the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

Benefits of Attending?

Participants will

  • Build their understanding of robotic and autonomous systems technologies
  • Gain a framework to aid the design of a transformation strategy that helps generate new revenues through embracing robotics technologies 
  • Explore opportunities to modernize your technology, processes, and workforce for increased effectiveness
  • Capture and highlight recent trends in the field of robotics for occupational safety and health
  • Learn about safety in physical robot interaction and human-robot cooperation
  • Gain tools and insights to help accelerate flexible and networked manufacturing processes effectively integrated in different production scenarios
  • Earn a CPD Certificate of Participation from the University of Aberdeen endorsed by the National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland

Participants will take away

  • A framework for thinking about opportunities afforded by robotics and autonomous systems
  • Tools to approach selecting effective robotics solutions for industry
  •  A set of actions to take in order to prepare robust robot-supported manufacturing processes to foster efficiency, more cost-effectiveness, safety, and conserve resources
  • Benefits of networking opportunities with industry peers & HEIs