The course will be delivered online via the University of Aberdeen's 'MyAberdeen Collaborate' online platform, where you will be sent an invitation link to join the session. The programme will consist of lectures and case studies as well as interactive group sessions. Please refer to the IT Requirements page for more information. 

Session 1: Introduction to Industrial Robotics and Autonomous Systems [09:30 -10:30]  

  • Modernisation of industrial technology, processes, and workforce for increased productivity 
  • Application of robotic solutions in bespoke industrial contexts  
  • Safety in physical robot interaction and human-robot cooperation  

Break: [10:30-10:35] 

Session 2: Case study [10:35 -11:15]  

  • Case Study: delivered by Andrew Peacock from Peacock Technology and Q&A 

Break: [11:15-11:25] 

Session 3: Group work [11:25 -12:15]  

  • Groups of participants will work on identifying robotic solutions for business cases  
  • Each group gives a 3 minutes pitch of their work  

Break: [12:15-12:20] 

Session 4: Recap, Q&A and Wrap Up: [12:20-13:00]