Programme Code Presenting Author Poster Title
PS 16 Alexander Gerdes Synchronization patterns in globally coupled Stuart-Landau oscillators
PS 02 Andrés Aragoneses Analysis of temporal correlations in the dynamics of nonlinear systems
PS 34 Anna Martinez Numerical Analysis of Global Bifurcations in Liquid Crystals under Shear Flow
PS 36 Archan Mukhopadhyay Chaos and coexisting attractors in replicator-mutator maps
PS 57 Arthur Valencio A graphical tool for measuring information between EEG channels
PS 38 Ayaka Okumura Emergence of major and minor peaks in population dynamics of malaria
PS 04 Benjamin Beck Reduced order network of incompressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
PS 54 Bhumika Thakur (Hildegard-Meyer Ortmanns) Heteroclinic units acting as pacemakers for entrained dynamics of cognitive processes
PS 35 Célia Kuwana Chaotic diffusion in a dissipative standard mapping: an analytical investigation
PS 56 Chigozie Udeze Dynamics of Healthy Human Gut BFGs under antibiotics perturbation
PS 43 Christian Philipp Using local bandwidths for the estimation of Kramers-Moyal coefficients
PS 24 Clara Hummel Spatial early warning signals for Arctic summer sea ice loss
PS 23 Dezső Horváth Oscillations and bistability in the autocatalytic reaction network of imine hydrolysis
PS 08 Emanuel Cambraia The influence of the local dynamics in the phase synchronization of a network of a Hindmarsh-Rose neurons.
P 31 Frank Kwasniok Data-driven prediction of critical transitions in dynamical systems
PS 13 Gabor Drotos How well is a Kantz–Grassberger-type relationship satisfied for local finite-time characteristics of transient chaos?
PS 32 Gabriel Marghoti Intermittent chimera-like and bi-stable synchronization states in network of distinct Izhikevich neurons
PS 14 Gianluca Fabiani Numerical Solution of Quasi-Linear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with Physics Informed Random Projection Neural Networks
PS 05 Henrik Bette Non-stationarity in correlation matrices for wind turbine data
PS 28 Inga Kottlarz Ordinal Patterns as Robust Biomarkers in Multichannel EEG Time Series
PS 44 Jaderson G. Polli Characterizing Short-Range Correlations and Von Neumann Entropy for the Collatz Map
PS 37 Jakob Niehues Resonant velocity tuning of solitary states in networks of coupled phase oscillators
PS 46 Jan Rombouts Biological oscillators: time delays, synchronization and cellular mechanics
PS 21 Jarolav Hlinka Directed Persistent Homology as a tool for brain connectivity characterization
PS 22 Jaroslav Hlinka Causal structure of time-reversed networks
PS 58 Jin Yan Chebyshev Dynamical Systems and their Generalisations
PS 25 Jozef Jakubík Which method is more suitable for causality detection in my data?
PS 33 Juan Marín Drift instabilities in localised Faraday patterns
PS 47 Kalel L. Rossi Dynamics of large sample-to-sample fluctuations in networks of phase oscillators
PS 53 Keisuke Taga Nonlinear dynamics of the tape peeling trace
PS 52 Konstantinos Spiliotis Complex network measures reveal optimal targets for deep brain stimulation and identify clusters of collective brain dynamics
PS 27 S. Leo Kingston Transition to hyperchaos and rare large-intensity pulses in Zeeman laser
PS 30 Louka Kovatsevitis Optimal tuning of natural frequency to mitigate multipath propagation interference in multiuser chaotic communication
PS 39 Lucas Oliverio Theoretical approach to the links between the performance of photonic reservoir computing and the dynamic regimes of a semiconductor laser with delayed feedback
PS 03 Manaoj Aravind Emergent noise-aided logic through synchronization
PS 18 Maria Elena Gonzalez Herrero Cardiomyocytes' signal propagation on thin domains in the Karma model
PS 42 Matheus S. Palmero Recurrence analysis of chaotic transient orbits: Application in tokamaks
PS 10 Misha Chai Symbolic partition in chaotic maps
PS 12 Withdrawn Olesia Dogonasheva Identification of multistable coherent regimes in spiking neural networks
PS 09 Oliver Cattell Modelling Seizure Dynamics: A new neural mass approach
PS 45 Pablo Rojas Inferring network connectivity using modified Reservoir Computing
PS 48 Pierce Ryan Dynamics of targeted ransomware negotiation
PS 50 Ruth Chapman Stochastic data adapted Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation box models
PS 51 Withdrawn Pragya Shukla Entanglement growth in bipartite systems: a multi-parametric Wishart ensemble approach
PS 55 Ralf Tönjes Noise induced swarming
PS 06 Reyk Börner A quasi-potential landscape view on critical transitions of the Atlantic ocean circulation
PS 19 Riyad Hassaine Numerical study of the convection in three-layer liquid-metal-batteries
PS 01 Robert Allen Phase-Isostable Reduction of Coupled Oscillator Networks
PS 29 Sándor Kovács, Noémi Gyúró Delay Dynamics in an Economic Model
PS 15 Sarah Fay Adaptive Running Models for Shoe Design
PS 07 Tamas Borzsonyi Flow in an hourglass: particle friction and stiffness matter
PS 59 Thomas Zacharis Geometric analysis of fast-slow PDEs with fold type singularity
PS 60 Vesna Županović Fractal analysis of planar nilpotent singularities and numerical applications
PS 20 Yoná Huggler Slater's criterion for the localization of invariant spanning curves in a family of area preserving maps
PS 26 Yuzuru Kato Optimization of weak periodic input waveforms for global entrainment of limit-cycle oscillators
PS 49 Yuzuru Sato Noise-induced degeneration in online learning