PCST 2020+1: Themes

PCST 2020+1: Themes

Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference 2020+1

Time, Technology and Transformation

The PCST 2020 Conference theme is Time, Technology and Transformation. These themes reflect our setting in Aberdeen, a city that has transformed itself through technology and innovation moving from fishing to major scientific advancements across science and technology including the first full body MRI, contributions to the discovery of insulin and the identification of endorphins. The city is the major hub for Energy in the UK; an industry that itself has transformed from an Oil and Gas focus to a broader remit.

Aberdeen has been home to notable scientists including James Clerk Maxwell and brought a wide range of those interested in the sciences together, having hosted major science meetings such as the 1859 British Association Meeting for the Advancement of Science. Today the city hosts a vibrant programme of events, venues and activities that connect the public with science and technology, these include being the host of the British Science Festival in 2012.

The conference will also bring together a diverse group around a share interest in science communications enabling new connections between practitioners and researchers and across national and cultural boundaries.

We are looking for submissions that address these broad themes and have outlined some areas of interest below. The themes aren’t exclusive and we encourage applications to push the boundaries of our discussions around these areas.