Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference 2020+1


It is anticipated that the main programme will run over the week of 24 May 2021.  

Broadly the programme will incorporate much of event originally planned for May 2020, but with the addition of plenary talks, panels, and parallel sessions of papers focused on Covid-19 and its science communication aspects.  Sessions will be availalbe live, but will also be available on demand after the event to allow you to attend elements that you would otherwise not have been able to attend.


Facilities will be provided to enable remote participation in many ways, including live discussion. PCST Network will also host face-to-face meetings during the conference at regional hubs, where local conditions permit this to happen. At these hubs participants can follow conference proceedings in groups and hold their own discussions.


Conference proposals that were accepted for PCST2020 will be carried forward to PCST2020+1 but proposers will have the opportunity to update or amend their abstracts. They may also choose to withdraw them because of the lapse of time, or because they are not available to present them during the conference schedule.

As plans develop - we'll update the website and communicate via social media streams.