PCST 2020+1: Abstract Submission

PCST 2020+1: Abstract Submission

We are no longer accepting new submissions for this event.

Submissions already received and approved for the planned PCST 2020 conference remain valid, although there will be an opportunity for proposers to update their content, or amend the named presenters.

Minor changes must be made by 17.00 on 25 February 2021.

If you want to make a more substantial alteration please contact the programme chair for more information.

Of course, proposers will also have the option to withdraw their submission, if they cannot attend or now have other plans for their presentation. Conference registrations made and confirmed for PCST2020 will be carried forward to the 2020+1 event.

Find out the key deadlines and link to the PCST Network web page for more details of how to amend your existing proposal.