Welcome to PCST 2020

The PCST Network looks forward to welcoming you to our 16th international conference in Aberdeen, on 26-28 May 2020. Over the past thirty years we have had conferences in Asia (2), Australasia (2), Americas (2) and Africa, as well as in several countries of Europe. Now, we come for the first time to Britain, where we are happy to have the University of Aberdeen hosting us.

PCST is the global network for science communication and our conferences bring together practitioners, educators and researchers in this steadily spreading field to share experiences and ideas. Many of those participating in our conferences cover two or more roles in science communication and thus embody the interaction of theory and practice that we strive for.

Meeting in Britain for the first time presents some interesting issues and opportunities. Developments in science communication in Britain have had resonance well beyond that island, and twenty years after the famous House of Lords report on science communication we hope to review how the dialogue that report stressed has taken root.

Like very many international conferences, PCST 2020 will be held in English but we recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity of science communication world-wide. The PCST Network reaches far beyond the horizons of the English-speaking world and our conference programme will reflect that.

The chosen theme of the 2020 conference, Time, Technology and Transformation, offers rich possibilities for exploring trends and issues in science and technology communication. We will pay attention to our history and to our possible futures with equal care. We look forward to many and varied proposals for conference contributions by the deadline of 12 October 2019, that will provide the ingredients for a memorable and defining conference.

Science communication is excitingly situated at the intersections of disciplines, cultures and communities. For a few days next May its international epicentre will be in Aberdeen. Through keynote talks, plenary panel discussions, parallel sessions of many types and, crucially, countless forms of informal social gatherings, you can be part of something extraordinary. Don’t miss it.  


Brian Trench

President, PCST Network