Chinese Financial and Banking Systems Workshop - 23 June 2018

The University of Aberdeen Business School, with the support of the University of Glasgow (UK), the National Institution for Finance & Development (China), Fordham University (US), and the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (Finland), has organised a one-days workshop on the Chinese Financial and Banking System to be held on 23 June 2018 at the University of Aberdeen.

The Chinese financial system has been going under substantial changes over the last decade. The workshop aims to shed a new light on the recent evolutions in Chinese financial and banking conditions. Speakers have been invited to talk on a range of relevant topics with Yang Li, NIFD, delivering the Keynote speech.

Programme Committee:

Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University), Yang Li (NFID), Iikka Korhonen (BOFIT, Bank of Finland), Frank Hong Liu (University of Aberdeen), Paul-Olivier Klein (University of Aberdeen), Natasha Mauthner (University of Aberdeen).