The University of Aberdeen are organising and hosting the UK – China Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Programme Annual Meeting.  This is a joint research programme between the UK National Environment Research Council (NERC) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).  This event provides an opportunity for the Programme participants to present and discuss major findings with each other and invited stakeholders.  The UK-China CZO programme seeks to understand ways to address the challenges for the delivery of China’s ecosystems services in association with their agricultural production and urbanisation.  This final workshop brings together research from our past 3 years of collaboration by 5 UK – China research consortia.  

We have made great progress developing a better understanding of the ecosystem services of soil and water resources in keys sites across China: ranging from the complex and fragile Karst ecosystems of Guizhou; the highly eroded Loess Plateau; the peri-urban agricultural soils of Shanghai; to the unique red soils of the Sunjia Critical Zone Observatory near Yangling. The programme has linked these 5 projects closely, establishing a coherent research programme that interacts other UK, China and international research programmes and networks. Together the projects have carried out internationally-leading scientific research that also achieves ODA outcomes for soil and water resources in China.

This workshop will present the major findings of our research, with talks and posters led by early career researchers.  By bringing the research together we will seek future activities including science and innovation based projects between the UK, China and other countries.  The research presented will demonstrate the value of the CZO approach in delivering the science necessary to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

This event is to be held at the beautifully scenic Ardoe House, on the outskirts of Aberdeen.