The course studies High Voltage Direct Current technologies, their operation, control and interactions with AC systems. The traditional thyrisor-based HVDC is introduced with basic 6-pulse rectifiers and analysed on a typical large systems with the main control loops. The interactions with AC systems through controls and harmonics are analysed. A special study is concerned with weak AC systems and other reported operating problems. The modern VSC HVDC are introduced using basic self-commutating converter principles. The VSC HVDC controls are presented in a rotating DQ coordinate frame and interaction with AC is explored. The course analyses the latest Modular Multilevel HVDC topologies including modelling, control and interaction with AC grids. Design, control and simulation of both half-bridge and full-bridge MMC are analysed. In the last part of this course, the students will learn about multiterminal HVDC and DC grids, and proceed to study DC grid control and protection. The course is supported with live simulation on SIMULINK HVDC models, which are made available to the students.

The course can be taken online or on campus at the University of Aberdeen.

The fee to attend the University of Aberdeen is £2655.00 or to complete it online the fee is £1655.00

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