Course Outline

The course aims to provide attendees with a critical understanding of the importance of optimisation in the development and operation of engineering systems as well as the essentials knowledge of formulating optimisation problems and various optimisation techniques.

All concepts are introduced through real-life case studies drawn from a range of engineering disciplines and sectors.  Attendees will be given a case study to formulate in the form of an optimisation problem.

Course Content

  • Optimisation: Applications in engineering and industry
  • Optimisation: fundamentals and concepts
  • Optimisation problem formulation: translating engineering problems to optimisation problems
  • Optimisation problems classification
  • Optimisation techniques and tools
  • Multi-criteria assessment and decision making

Who will benefit from attending?

The course is aimed at engineers, designers, product developers, manufacturers and project managers working in startups, SMEs and large enterprises in various sectors such as energy, construction and manufacturing.