Rock & Oil: the Hard and the Smooth of Chaplaincy Work Today


The University of Aberdeen are delighted to bring the next Conference of European University Chaplains (CEUC) to Aberdeen in June 2017.

 The City of Aberdeen has been dubbed The Granite City thanks to its estimated six million tonnes of granite from the Rubislaw quarry. At one point, the quarry was Europe’s deepest man-made hole! And while the quarrying has now ceased, the silver granite which sparkles in the sun, has built homes, offices, bridges and monuments both in and beyond Aberdeen

But more recently, Aberdeen has become known as Europe’s Oil Capital. Since the mid-70’s, the North Sea has been supplying its ‘black gold’ enabling Aberdeen to expand and develop to the point where now, its property prices compete with those of London and Edinburgh.

These two aspects of the Aberdonian identity give rise to our conference theme. From where do the tough, rock-like problems hail in today’s University campuses, how do we deal with them in our chaplaincies, and what helps smooth, or oil such difficulties? What are the hard and the smooth issues of chaplaincy work today?

Join us to explore, mine and grapple with both the problems and the answers, here at the Conference of European University Chaplains, University of Aberdeen, 5-9 June, 2017.