Welcome to the 35th Annual Cement and Concrete Science Conference, hosted by the School of Engineering in cooperation with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen from 26 - 28 August 2015.  The conference, and accompanying parallel workshops on oil well and subsurface cementing, carbonation products for carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration, and research priorities and research priorities and funding, will enable academic and industrial researchers to showcase their research on breakthrough topics spanning, without limitation:

  • Hydration and microstructure of hydraulic cements
  • Durability of concretes based on hydraulic cements
  • Structural and thermal performance of concrete materials
  • Novel cement and concrete binders and their application
  • Production and manufacture of hydraulic cements and clinkers
  • Cementitious materials and products for offshore applications
  • Innovative cement and concrete products and their application
  • Measurement techniques and simulation methods and tools
  • Use and disposal of waste materials in cements and concretes
  • Material input, energy use and carbon emission lifecycles


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