Conference Programme

Bishops' Identities, Careers and Networks Conference


University of Aberdeen


FRIDAY 26 MAY 2017


9.00-10.00 – FIRST KEYNOTE LECTURE – Steinar Imsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology – The Nidaros Church and the insular parts of its province 

10.00-10.30 COFFEE 

10.30-12.00 SESSION A 'Tenth and Eleventh Century Networks' 

Fraser McNair - Ottonians in Miniature?: A Post-Carolingian Reichskirchentendenz in France, c.950-990 

Sally Vaughn - Herluin's Dream: Lanfranc of Canterbury and Anselm of Bec's Creation of a Bec Network of Ecclesiastical Rulers Spread Over Normandy, France, and England 

Andrew Smith - Pope Leo IX (1049-1054): Bishop of Rome or Pope for Europe

10.30-12.00 SESSION B ‘Episcopal Networks in Central Europe’

Jacek Maciejewski - Premeditation and Determination on the Way to Episcopacy in Medieval Poland (12th-14th C) 

Mišo Petrović - The Episcopal Authority and Power of the Archbishops of Split during the ecclesiastical and political instability in the Kingdom of Hungary-Croatia (c.1378-c.1420) 

Alexandra Laliberté De Gagné - Greek Bishops (metropolitan) in Roumelia in the 16th-17th centuries: between Latins and Orthodox 

12.00-1.00 LUNCH 

1.00-2.00 SECOND KEYNOTE LECTURE – Sverrir Jakobsson, University of Iceland – An Enjoyable Profession? Icelandic Bishops in a Time of Troubles 

2.00–2.30 COFFEE 

2.30-4.00 SESSION C Familial and Royal Connections in Portugal and Italy 

Herminia Vasconcelos Vilar - How to become a bishop in medieval Portugal? Kings, popes and family ties in the 14th century 

Stefano G. Magni - Bishops, Nepotism and Social Mobility in Italy in the 13th and 14th century 

Fabrizio Pagnoni - Guelphs, jurists, curiales: the appointment of bishops in Northern Italy in the first half of the fourteenth century 

2.30-4.00 SESSION D Portraits of Individual Bishops 

Hester Ross - Portrait of a Scottish Renaissance man: Bishop Elphinstone of Aberdeen

Bridget Riley - A Prudent Archbishop: Richard FitzRalph, Archbishop of Armagh (1300-1360)

Sarah Thomas – John Donkan: A Manx Bishop caught between England and Scotland




9.00-10.00 – THIRD KEYNOTE LECTURE - Katherine Harvey, Birkbeck, University of London – The Perfect Prelate, or How to Become a Bishop in Medieval England 

10.00-10.30 COFFEE 

10.30-12.00 – SESSION E Eleventh and Twelfth Century Networks 

Ryan Kemp - Bishops, kings, and their careers in twelfth-century England and the Empire 

Ian Styler - From Isolation to Domination: Who Created the bishopric of Ely, and how they did it 

Wojciech Sawicki - Appointment of Bohemian bishops as presented by Cosmas of Prague and his followers 

10.30-12.00 – SESSION F Spanish and Italian Bishops of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 

Fernando Gutiérrez Baños - Pedro Pérez de Monroy (1310-24): a new bishop for a new era in Salamanca 

Susana Guijarro - Power, Culture and Ecclesiastical Reform in Late Medieval Castile: The Bishop of Burgos Luis de Acuña (1456-1495) 

Alessandro Di Bari - Relations between Venice and Alexander of Masovia, Bishop of Trento 

– 1.00 – LUNCH 

1.00-2.00 – FOURTH KEYNOTE LECTURE – Kirsi Salonen, University of Turku – Between Uppsala and Rome: Swedish bishops’ contacts with the papal curia 

2.00-2.30 COFFEE 

2.30-4.00 SESSION G Northern and Southern Networks       

Michael Gelting and Mia Munster-Swendsen - Magister, Abbot, Bishop: the Life of Bishop Gunner of Viborg (d.1251)

Jacopo Paganelli - «Pro se et amicis de domo de Scolaribus». Alberto Scolari bishop of Volterra and the Ghibelline network in Tuscany (1261-1269) 

Michael Frost - Between Rome, Avignon and Nidaros: Bishops of Kirkjubøur during the Western Schism

2.30-4.00 SESSION H From Meaux to York       

Aída Portilla González - Social networks and academic education of Castilian cathedral clergy in the late Middle Ages 

Claudia Minett - Yorkist Chancellors - Pre-Episcopal Careers and Networks 1461-1483 

Christine Barralis - The bishops of Meaux (France, Champagne), 1195-1510 : from chapter’s men to king’s men