Extraordinary SBS Seminar: ConspiraSEA: a panel discussion on fisheries and sustainability from different perspectives

This is a past event

The recent Netflix documentary ‘’Seaspiracy’’ has stirred-up questions on the potential impacts of fisheries on our oceans and what sustainability for our marine biodiversity truly means?

Join us in listening to a panel of experts from different fields, sharing their reflections on the movie and discussing the challenges that human exploitation poses on marine biodiversity and food security.

We will end the event with an open discussion.

 The panel includes:

 Dr Ana Payo-Payo, Research Fellow at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Professor Baukje de Roos, Deputy Director at the Rowett Institute, School of Medicine, Medical Science and Nutrition, University of Aberdeen

Charlotte Coombes, Good Fish Guide UK Manager at Marine Conservation Society

Professor Paul Fernandes, Chair in Fisheries Science at School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Hosted by
The Biodiversity and Climate Change Student Group
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