Team members at University of Aberdeen


Professor Albert A. Rodger has initiated and led, for over 20 years, multi-disciplinary research into geotechnical dynamics. This award winning research has led to the development of an innovative ground mole, advanced equipment for dynamically sampling and testing soil (VISTA) and a patented non-destructive testing technique for ground anchorages (GRANITT).



Dr Andrew Starkey received his B.Sc. Hons. in Applied Mathematics from St. Andrews University in 1993 and his research interests are condition monitoring, signal processing, artificial neural networks and data mining. Dr Starkey has a UK patent application for data mining techniques. Dr Starkey will provide support for the signal processing and neural network aspects for the project.



Dr. Ana Ivanovic has a background in civil engineering and geotechnics. Her recent research has focussed on the development of numerical models to predict the dynamic response of ground anchorages.


Dr. Richard D. Neilson's primary research interest is dynamics and vibration of nonlinear systems, an area in which he has been active for the last eighteen years. Dr Neilson will provide support in the dynamics aspects of the work.