1. Numerical Reservoir Simulation Network

Numerical Reservoir Simulation, also known as Reservoir Simulation, is a process performed in order to estimate the performance of a reservoir in real time i.e., when a well is drilled and production starts. The Numerical Stimulation predicts the flow of liquids in the reservoir (oil, gas & water) through porous media once the production starts.

2. Maxwell HPC

The High Performance Computing (HPC) service can provide large amounts of processing and computation power to support academic research and is available to all staff and researchers at the university. More information could be found with the link below:

Maxwell HPC

3. Available Software Package

  • Eclipse
  • Petrel
  • CMG
  • Petroleum expert IPM
  • Interactive petrolpysics, IP
  • Abaqus
  • Pore Scale models (in house)