Practical Modelling

Practical Modelling

A new practical model for predicting sand transport under waves and currents will be developed. We aim for a model that accounts for the full range of wave conditions, including wave breaking and wave irregularity, and can be implemented relatively easily within the framework of morphological modelling systems used for practical engineering purposes (e.g. Delft3D, Telemac, Mike). The model will be based on insights and data from the laboratory experiments, supported by the numerical modelling work.

The model will consist of (i) a new formula for the near-bed transport within the wave boundary layer and (ii) an improved model for the suspended sand transport above the boundary layer. The near-bed formula will be based on the SANTOSS model (Van der A et al., 2013), extended to account for wave irregularity and wave breaking.

Net sand transport data for model calibration and validation will come from the SANTOSS database of transport rates for large-scale wave and oscillatory flow conditions (Van der Werf et al., 2009), extended to include net transport data for irregular and breaking waves, including from the new experiments. The updated database will include additional parameters for wave irregularity, wave breaking and measured mean flow and suspended sand concentration profiles.

A MATLAB code for the SANTOSS sand transport formula and the SANTOSS database of sand transport rates are availably upon request by contacting Dominic van der A. A stand-alone FORTRAN version of the formula is now also available, please contact Jebbe van der Werf if you would like a copy of this code.


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