The GRANIT® technique is the world's first rapid and effective non-destructive integrity testing system for ground anchorages. Millions of these safety critical items are installed annually to support structures such as tunnels, mines, retaining walls and dams. GRANIT® is the culmination of over 10 years of peer reviewed university research, and was awarded the National John Logie Baird Award for Innovation in 1997 and a Design Council Millennium Product Award in 1999 and is patented worldwide. There is also the potential of extending the technology to the integrity assessment of off-shore structures, to building maintenance and to the monitoring of many structures which are reaching the end of their useful life. This technology incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence, signal processing and engineering design. GRANIT® will provide a major contribution to the safety of structures that are in daily use.

The system is now a viable commercial option for the continued monitoring of anchorages or for the exception testing of anchorages in an unknown state.