1. Zeiss Xradia Micro-CT scanner

Micro-Computed Tomography could be used to imaging the porous material, such as reservoir rock, cement and other geological material, it has been used extensively to study fluid flows in porous media at pore scale (microns).

2. ACEMAC Nano Scale Electron Microscopy and Analysis Facility

This newly estabilished imaging facilities is located at Meston Building Room 028A (King’s College, Old Aberdeen campus) and is based around a Carl Zeiss GeminiSEM 300 – high resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) with SE (secondary electron), BSE (backscattered electron) and CL (cathodoluminescence) detectors.

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3. Multifunctional formation damage test rig

Our multifunctional formation damage test rig designed and fabricated at the School of Engineering is being used to simulate practical drilling and production operation scenarios in shale, limestone and sandstone formations at reservoir conditions.