Seminars are held in the Fluid Mechanics Teaching Lab (FN037) in the Fraser Noble Building, unless specified otherwise.


DateTimeSpeakerTitle Venue
14th Feb. 13:00-

Prof. Paul Hallet (School of Biological Sciences, UoA)

Engineering earth with biology: how plants and microorganisms in soil change its mechanical behaviour and fluid transport


18th April 12:00-

Scott Draper (University of Western Australia)

Stability of subsea pipelines on mobile seabeds


21st May 12:00-

Dr. Bernhard Statzner

Bed-sediment engineering by lotic plants and animals: implications for sediment transport and morphodynamic processes


6th June 12:00-

Mark Thomas Stewart (UoA)

Turbulence structure of rough-bed open-channel flow I


11th July 12:00-

Mark Thomas Stewart (UoA)

Turbulence structure of rough-bed open-channel flow II


26th Sept. 12:30-

Dr. Bee Berx (Marine Scotland Science)

Ocean circulation in the Faroe Shetland Channel -- or "fluid dynamics with a larger bin size" 


14th Nov. 12:30-

Dr. Justin Finn (University of Liverpool)

Simulating Lagrangian sediment dynamics in the bottom boundary layer  
26th Nov. 12:30-

Dr. Peter Hicks (UoA)

Modelling gas-cushioned droplet impacts on porous surfaces and on heated surfaces with phase change

10th Dec. 12:30-

Dr. Amer Syed (UoA)

Viscoelasticity of thixotropic fluids




DateTimeSpeakerTitle Venue
19th Oct. 2012 13:00-

Colin Whittaker (University of Canterbury)

Landslide-generated tsunamis


19th Mar. 2013 13:00- Prof. Vaughan R Voller (University of Minnesota)

Non-local sediment transport models using fractional calculus


29th Mar. 13:00-

Dr. Ahmed H Elsheikh (University of Texas, Austin)



12th April 15:30-

Hamza Javar Magnier (Manchester University)

Simulation of protein folding pathways and aggregation


10th May 13:00- 

Kate Sparrow [University of Aberdeen (UoA)]

The effect of bed permeability on oscillatory boundary layer flow


24th May 13:00-

Dr. Amer Syed (Imperial College)

Non-conformal flow of CO2 in subsurface reservoirs


1st July 13:00-

Tomoko Shimamoto (University of Queensland)

Updated “grab and dump” model for sediment transport under acceleration skewed waves


2nd Aug. 13:00-

Estevao Carlos, Felipe Andrade ()

A Computational Framework for the Evolutionary Cuckoo Search Algorithm: Standard Benchmark Test-Cases and Applied Engineering Problems


23 Aug. 13:00-

Daniel Figueiredo Salviano
(Universidade Federal de São Carlos [UFSCar])

Acoustic Levitation: A novel technique to measure accurately surface tension


Julia C Boell

How do interfacial rheological properties of microemulsions, surfactants and foams affect EOR?


11th Oct. 13:00- Dr. Peter Hicks (UoA)

Controlling the growth of laminar streaks in boundary layers


29th Nov. 13:00- Dr. Yakun Guo (UoA) Numerical simulation of lock-exchange flow descending a slope in open channel  
13th Dec. 14:00- Dr. David Vega-Maza (UoA) Uncertainty budgets: an introduction