1. Advanced multipurpose EOR rig

A multipurpose enhanced oil recovery (EOR) rig developed at the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Group is used in laboratory studies of different recovery methods associated with chemical, thermal and gas injection processes. The rig is unique in its ability to automatically switch between different EOR techniques, separate different phases and treat downstream waste gases for storage and disposal.

2. Microfluidic 

Microfluidic experiments are performed in the Subsurface Flow and Transport Laboratory to study enhanced oil recovery at the pore scale. Unlike conventional micromodels, our disposable microfluidic rock analogues conserve grain roughness and mineralogical  heterogeneity.

3. LED Boom Stand Stereo Zoom Microscope with built-in Camera

A test station equipped with a stereoscope microscope to experimentally investigate multiphase flow systems through visual models. This provides better understanding and optimisation of enhanced oil recovery processes through hybrid thermal and chemical recovery methods.