2013 Publications

2013 Publications
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  • Nandakumar, K., Wiercigroch, M. (2013) Stability analysis of a state dependent delayed, coupled two DOF model of drill-string vibration. Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol 332, issue 10, pp. 2575-2592.

  • Han, N., Cao, Q. J. and Wiercigroch, M. (2013) Estimation of chaotic thresholds for the recently proposed rotating pendulum. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos , vol 23, issue 4, no. 1350074.

  • Nandakumar, K., Wiercigroch, M. (2013) Galerkin projections for state-dependent delay differential equations with applications to drilling. Applied Mathematical Modelling, vol 37, issue 4, pp. 1705-1722.

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  • Thompson, J. M. T. & Sieber, J. (2013) Noise-induced jumping prior to a fold: applied to climate tipping predictions, in IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics for Advanced Technologies and Engineering Design (M. Wiercigroch & G. Rega, eds.), pp. 3-16, Springer Science & Business Media, Dordrecht.

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