BEng (Civil Engr), MSc (Subsea Engr), PhD (Subsea Integrity - In view), Eur Ing; MIMechE, CEng, MSUT, MASCE.

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Innocent Uwuijaren obtained his first degree (BEng - Civil Engineer) in 1998. He has over 15 years engineering experience in the design, deepwater drilling, completion, installation, commissioning, and abandonment of oil & gas facilities. During this period, he worked with various multinational companies (ExxonMobil, Chevron, FMC Technologies, Aker Solutions, Cameron, Dril-Quip, NNPC); in various positions (Consultant Subsea Engineer, Lead SPS Package Engineer, Lead Systems Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Subsea Project Engineer, Senior Structural Engineer, facilities Engineer and Project Engineer).

He did his compulsory NYSC at BERDA - Nigeria (1999) and joined Setraco, Abuja – Nigeria (2000 - 2001); where he worked as a Structural Engineer for Roads and Bridges.

He joined NETCO (major subsidiary of NNPC); on secondment to ChevronTexaco as a facilities Design Engineer (2002 - 2005). He was involved in design, installation and upgrade of FPSO, offshore jackets, gas plants, tanks farms, etc.

In 2006, he was employed by ExxonMobil (2005 – 2006) as a facilities support engineer/CAD specialist; involved in the design of FPSO, FSO and upgrade of existing jackets, drilling rigs, etc.

He joined Chevron as a Lead/Senior Structural Engineer (2006 – 2008) and was seconded to Cameron facility in Houston Texas. He was involved in the design and installation of SPS manifold (8 slot), suction pile, PLETS, URF, Jumpers, risers and upgrade of existing jackets.

In 2008, he relocated to the United Kingdom with his family and worked with Dril-Quip (Europe) as a subsea Engineer (2008 – 2010). He was involved in the design, manufacturing and installation of SPS equipment (WH, CH, TH, SJ, EDP, LRP, OAJ, THOAJ, rises, Xmas Tree, etc.) supplied by Dril-Quip for well drilling/completion operations.

 He joined Aker Solutions in 2010 and worked as Lead/Senior mechanical Engineer (2010), Lead Systems Engineer (2011) and Lead package Engineer (2011). He was involved in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of the SPS equipment (WH, CH, TH, landing strings, manifold, template, PGB, Xmas Tree, etc.) supplied by Aker Solutions. Also, he worked in the technical bid (ITT) package for SPS system. Furthermore, he led the R&D carried out to determine the fatigue life of the CH, SLS, WH when subjected to drilling/completion load from the BOP, EDP/LRP, sea current, rig motions, etc;  using strain monitoring system (strain gauges, DAU, motion sensors, etc).   

 In 2011, he decided to set up a subsea integrity consultancy company (Global Energy Experts Limited); where he could use his wealth of subsea Engineering experience obtained over a period of over 12 years to support deepwater development in HTHP working conditions. Currently, he is the technical SPS Manager/CEO of Global Energy Experts Limited (a subsea integrity consultancy Company) and on secondment to Egina Project with FMC Technologies (Subsea XT/Wellhead/Completion Engineer - Expatriate for International Operations).

He is a chartered Engineer (CEng, Eur Ing); a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineer (ImechE), Society for underwater technology (SUT), ASCE, and an active member of the subsea integrity research team of the University of Aberdeen ( He has published several papers and reports; including managing the integrity of subsea assets under HTHP working condition.

He holds an MSc in Subsea Engineering from the University of Aberdeen and currently a PhD research student in Subsea Integrity; under the academic supervision of Dr. Henry Tan.


Research Interests

The increasing demand for Oil & Gas has resulted in increased deepwater exploration activities; particularly in high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) zones within the Gulf of Mexico, West African coaster regions, etc. Equipment designers, manufacturers, operators, servicing companies, etc are developing innovative technology to facilitate these deepwater exploration activities. Hence the need to develop an integrity management strategy that can address the integrity challenges and associated risks with exploration in these harsh environments, characterized with high temperature and pressure operating conditions.

 My research interest is to develop a robust integrity management strategy that will address the associated integrity challenges with deep water exploration activities; under HTHP operating conditions.

This will in the short team increase equipment reliability/availability and minimizes unplanned intervention operations. In the long term operating cost (OPEX) for these assets will be extensively reduced.

Current Research

Today, deepwater asset owners face the challenge of unavailability of standardized methodology for obtaining, analyzing and disseminating integrity data. These results in inconsistency in integrity data obtained with operators and data transfer during asset operation phases becomes challenging.  Hence, evaluating the quality of these data and reports becomes difficult. This results in decision making processes that are not reliable for forecasting planned intervention operations and emergency response. Also, these data cannot be effectively used for system’s improvement recommendations to equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, data cross-referencing for legacy assets and information handover during change of ownership becomes difficult.

My current research will focus on developing standard methodology for obtaining and disseminating integrity data between stake holders responsible for the integrity management of subsea assets. The scope of the research will cover project execution from FEED phase to the operation phase; including intervention and failure mode.  This research will be carried out using industry collaboration with subsea equipment manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and operators. Integrity data and report obtained using this standard methodology will provide basic input to the Bayesian network modeling and decision making process for subsea assets. 

This research will be carried out under the academic supervision of Dr. Henry Tan; a senior lecturer with the University of Aberdeen


BP, Shell, Chevron, Statoil, CNR, Joint Industry Patnership (JIP), OREDA, DNV, Lloyds register, Global Energy, FMC Technologies Inc, Subsea equipment manufacturers, vendors and consultants 

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External Responsibilities

As a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineer (ImechE), I am extensively involved in training the graduate Engineers within my organization and young members under the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.

 Subsea consultancy and deepwater exploration activities. I organize seminars and presentations for conferences (Internally and externally).

 I am involved in deepwater technological researches; under the umbrella of the Society for Underwater technology (SUT).