Dr Nina Nikora

Dr Nina Nikora

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Dr Nina Nikora
Dr Nina Nikora

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272934
fax +44 (0) 1224 272497
The University of Aberdeen School of Engineering Fraser Noble Building (Room 365) University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 3UE Scotland, UK


I have extensive experience in research and practical facets of hydraulic engineering, developed in New Zealand and the former Soviet Union. My knowledge and skills relate to hydraulic and hydrological modelling; development of concepts and solutions for stormwater and surface water management; research investigations and monitoring of long-term planning of surface water systems; analysis and design of pipe and waterway networks; environmental impact assessments for waterway and drainage projects; and working with environmental community groups.

Teaching  Awards


2019-20    AUSA and the University of Aberdeen Award for Excellence in Teaching 

2018-19    AUSA and the University of Aberdeen Award for Excellence in Teaching (Certificate of Nomination) by students taking the course EG503B Geothermal and Hydro Energy

2014    Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination by students taking the course EG2004 Fluid Mechancis and Thermodynamics

2009    Excellence in Teaching Award Runner up


2010    The ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Best Technical Note Award

Memberships and Affiliations


Current admin responsibilties

Deputy Leader UG Civil Engineering Programme

Deputy Graduate Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering

Deputy Programme Coordinator MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

Coordinator and organiser of the following courses:

  • EG2004 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • EM3019 Fluid Mechanics
  • EA3720 Civil Engineering Design & Surveying Field Trip (co-organiser)
  • EG4578 BEng Group Design Project
  • EG5909/M1 Individual Project Renewable Energy
  • EG552U/V Marine and Wind Energy

Virtual Learning Environment eLearning Champion for School of Engineering

Supervising and mentoring teaching demonstrators

Adviser of studies and Personal Tutor

Coordinator of the Teaching Fluids Laboratory

Scrutineer of the following courses: EG501V Computational Fluid Dynamics; EG55F9/G9 Riser Systems and Hydrodynamics; EA3519 Design of Structural Elements

Admin responsibilities in previous years

Coordinator of the ERASMUS and International Exchange programmes (2009 – 2015)

Coordinator and organiser of the following courses:

  • ES4071-4078 Engineering Project (Non-Graduating)
  • EG4011 Individual Project Abroad BEng
  • EG4513 Individual Project Abroad MEng

Scrutineer of the following courses: EG2502 Solids and Structures; EG2501 Design and Computing in Engineering Practice)


  • Editor Assistant for Journal of Hydraulic Research (IAHR) and Member of Editorial Board for the Journal of Hydraulic Research (IAHR) (2011-2016)
  • Reviewer for: Journal of Hydraulic Research (IAHR); Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE); River Research and Applications; Advances in Water Resources; Water Recourses Research; Acta Geophysica

  • Member of the organising committee for the 19th Scottish Fluid Mechanics Meeting, 2006, Aberdeen
  • Working with environmental community groups to monitor headwater flow patterns of the Styx River and its tributaries, New Zealand (2004-2005)



Research Overview

My current research interests relate to flow-vegetation interactions, with particular focus on vegetation effects on hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows. Interactions between flow and vegetation are complex and depend on environmental factors and vegetation characteristics. The goal is to better understand and quantify aquatic vegetation effects on hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows and to use this knowledge in both engineering and ecological applications.

Research Funding and Grants

2015, 2009, 2007

The Principal of University of Aberdeen Small Grant Awards


IAESTE International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, Project: “Hydraulic Resistance in vegetated open-channel flows”. Grant £1680, funded by the British Council


EPSRC Vacation Bursary Scheme, Project: “Mixing layer analogy for vegetated channels: an experimental study”. Grant £2500, funded by EPSRC


Brian Mason Scientific & Technical Trust Award, Project: “Effects of instream and streambank vegetation on hydraulic performance of Christchurch streams”, New Zealand


Queen Elizabeth II Study Award – for studying Urban Hydraulics and Hydrology in Australia, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Teaching Responsibilities

  • Supervision of postgraduate (PG) and undergraduate (UG) projects: PG projects for a range of MSc Engineering programmes, including Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Subsea Engineering; UG MEng and BEng Honours; ERASMUS projects (European students)
  • PG courses (Campus and Online): EG503A/B Geothermal and Hydro Energy; EG552U/2V Marine and Wind Energy
  • UG courses across all levels: Level 2 - EG2004 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics; Level 3 - EM3019 Fluid Mechanics; EA3720 Civil Engineering Design & Surveying; Level 4 - EG4578 BEng Group Design Project

Teaching resposibilties in previous years: Level 1 - EG1076/EG1570 Engineering Communication, Design and Practice; Level 2&3 - EG2079/EG2570/EG3516 Engineering Design and Practice; EG2501 Design and Computing in Engineering Practice; EG3078/79 Engineering Design for civil students; Level 5 - EG5085 Advanced Topics for MEng Study



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