Dr Neill Renton

Dr Neill Renton
B.Eng(HWatt), MSc, PhD(Abdn), C.Eng, CSci, FIChemE

Honorary Senior Lecturer


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Dr Renton is an Honorary member of staff with research interests in Process Safety, Advanced Probabilistic Methods, and Materials Science. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and is a Director of the engineering consultancy RCLD.


Research Interests

Current research is a mixture of experimental and theoretical investigation into the effect of random variation in process and material behavior in extreme engineering environments. Other researchers and those with an interest in joining the research group as PhD students, research assistants or post-docs are welcome to contact me. Recent funded projects inlcude:

  1. Heat Treatment and its effects on the corrosion behaviour of Duplex Stainless Steels. The high Cr, Mo, W, N content of DSS grades lead to complex thermodynamic behaviour and phase precipitation during heat-treatment. The role of specific intermetallics on the electrochemical behaviour of DSSs in chloride bearing environments is considered. Jointly supervised with Dr. A. Akisanya; PhD Student U. Obi.
  2. Application of Advanced Reliability Methods to Process Engineering Uncertainties. Random variation of physical properties are one example of the various epsitemic and aleatory uncertainties present in process engineering decisions. The application of analytical and simulation based approaches to probablistic assessment of process performance could aid decision making in attempting to design and operate complex process plants, improving safety, environmental, and commercial performance. Jointly supervised with Dr. S. Sririmula; PhD student U. Abubakar.
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Member of the UK Industry Panel of the Institution of Chemical Engineers; Accreditor for IChemE; Chair of the industrial advisory board of the Lloyds Register Foundation Centre for Safety & Reliability Engineering; External Examiner for MSc in Offshore Engineering, Heriot-Watt University; Member of the Industrial Advisory Board, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Edinburgh.