Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman
Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 274480
The University of Aberdeen Fraser Noble Building, FN266
Web Links


  • MarcusBannerman.co.uk : My teaching resources 
  • DynamO : Event-driven particle dynamics simulator for molecular/granular dynamics.
  • Simcem.com : Thermodynamics software and database for combustion and high-temperature cement pyroprocessing.

Research Interests

I apply a wide range of computational techniques to solve engineering problems. This sounds very nebulous but I have worked on a broad range of topics ranging from computational thermodynamics, particle dynamics simulation, and pilot-scale production trials of novel cement formulations to the virtual reality rendering of volumetric datasets and GPU programming. At the heart of it all is the development of engineering simulation software.

Current Research

I am currently working on the production-process optimisation, simulation, and computational thermodynamics of a novel low-carbon cement formulations and traditional Portland cement. I have developed a thermodynamic database for the high-temperature simulation of cement clinkerisation, which is accessible here at http://simcem.com.

A large part of my research is also centred on simulation of molecular and granular particulate systems. As a part of that research I developed a unique and cutting-edge event-driven particle-dynamics package called DynamO. DynamO is a general tool that has already found application in a wide range of systems such as granular dampers, nano-colloidal fluids, and protein folding/helix formation. A major focus of my current research centres around the development a new class of particle models for solids processing systems. Coupled with novel algorithms, it is now possible to simulate process scale equipment with millions of particles in near real-time. An example application is in the full-scale modelling of the solids/granular/heat/reaction processes in cement kilns. For more information, please visit http://dynamomd.org.


Teaching Responsibilities

EX3030 Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer
EM40JN Heat and Momentum Transfer
EX3502 Separation Processes 1 (evaporation, distillation, and absorption)
EG5099 Upstream Oil & Gas Engineering

Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

Programme leader for Chemical Engineering.
EG4012/EG4013 Coordinator for Chemical Engineering undergraduate thesis/individual projects. 



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