Dr David Wilkinson
Dr David Wilkinson

Dr David Wilkinson

Honorary Teaching Fellow



I am an experienced reservoir engineer with more than 30 years of oil industry experience in reservoir engineering, petroleum engineering, formation evaluation and well planning within multi-disciplinary teams.  I also have significant experience of working with Partners, DECC and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and am an experienced team leader and coach / mentor to graduate engineers.

I spent 18 years with BP before joining LR Senergy in 1999 and have worked on a wide range of projects during this time, including periods in client offices and overseas assignments.  I currently specialise in Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).  My background is in reservoir simulation, having deployed my simulation skills on a wide variety of projects over the years.  This includes both black oil and compositional simulation and, as well as Eclipse (default simulation software in many markets), I also have experience in CMG’s compositional simulator GEM and also VIP (Landmark).  I have also been involved in several reserve audits and asset evaluations.



Research Overview

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and CO2 sequestration.