Professor Dubravka Pokrajac

Professor Dubravka Pokrajac

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Professor Dubravka Pokrajac
Professor Dubravka Pokrajac

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work +44 (0)1224 272983
The University of Aberdeen School of Engineering University of Aberdeen King's College Aberdeen AB24 3UE Scotland, United Kingdom

Environmental Hydraulics Research Group


1982 MEng Civil Engineering with major in Hydraulics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 

1987  MSc Civil Engineering and Hydraulics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Thesis: A model of transient two-dimensional saturated-unsaturated soil water flow.

1997 PhD, Faculty of Civil Engineering,University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Thesis: Transport of Pollutants in Groundwater.

1982 Research Assistant, Lecturer (1989), Senior Lecturer (1998), Faculty of Civil Engineering,University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1998 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (2005), Reader (2011), Professor (2014) School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.


Research Interests

  • Porous media flows - application to geological storage of CO2,
  • Surface-subsurface exchange on permeable beaches,
  • Momentum and mass transfer at fluid-porous interfaces,
  • Unsteady turbulent flows over rough walls,
  • Application of double-averaged Navier-Stokes equations for studying fluid flows,
  • Interaction of urban water systems with groundwater.

Research Grants

  • Flood MEMORY: Multi-Event Modelling Of Risk & recovery, EPSRC Sandpit, £213.8k, 2012 – 2015 (EP/K013513/1), D. Pokrajac in collaboration with Professor Christopher Kilsby and Dr Qiuhua Liang from Newcastle University, Dr Riccardo Briganti from University of Nottingham, Dr Harshinie Karunarathna from Swansea University, Prof. Christian Beck, Queen Mary University, Dr Heather Haynes from Heriot-Watt University, Prof.  Sue White from Cranfield University, Dr Jessica Lamond, University of the West of England, Dr Jennifer Brown from National Oceanography Centre.
  • Fundamental study of migration of supercritical CO2 in porous media under conditions of saline aquifers, EPSRC, £485.5k, D. Pokrajac, in collaboration with Prof. S. He, University of Sheffield, Prof. B.W.D. Yardley, University of  Leeds, Prof. Peixue Jiang & Ruina Xu, Tsinghua University, China.
  • Turbulence and wall shear stress in unsteady internal flows with rough surfaces, EPSRC, £340.4k, Prof. T. O'Donoghue, D. Pokrajac, in collaboration with Prof. S. He, University of Sheffield and Prof. A. Vardy, University of Dundee.
  • TelepathTM – a new non-invasive approach to locating leaks in subsea umbilicals, £112k, D. Pokrajac, S. He, Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with Brinker Technology. 
  • Experimental and numerical modelling study of swash zone hydrodynamics and sediment transport, EPSRC, £305k, T. O'Donoghue, D. Pokrajac, G. Kikkert, in collaboration with N. Dodd, R. Briggante from Nottingham University
  • Open channel flows over permeable bed, EPSRC DTA, D. Pokrajac, N. Horton,
  • Increasing flow capacity of urban ducts, culverts and small streams, Scottish Enterprise, £187k, D. Pokrajac, I. McEwan, K. Rudman, C. Soulsby,C.  Gibbins
  • Spatially-Averaged Flow Over Rough Boundaries, EPSRC, £236k, I. McEwan, D. Pokrajac, V. Nikora, L. Campbell, C. Manes
  • Towards sustainable urban groundwater management, UNESCO, £48k, D. Pokrajac
  • Swash hydrodynamics, EPSRC DTA, T. O'Donoghue, D. Pokrajac, L. Hondebrink
Further Info

External Responsibilities

  • Associate Editor, Water Resources Research (AGU) and Journal of Hydrological Processes
  • Reviewer for: Journal of Fluid Mechanics; Physics of Fluids; Water Resources Research; ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering; IAHR Journal of Hydraulic Research; Boundary Layer Meteorology; Experiments in Fluids; AGU Journal of Geophysical Research; Journal of Hydrology; Transport in Porous Media; ICE Water Management; Journal of Hydrological Processes; Acta Geophysica; Urban Water; International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow; International Journal of Computational Mathematics
  • Member of International Association of Hydraulic Research


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  • Roslin, A, Pokrajac, D & Zhou, Y 2019, 'Cleat structure analysis and permeability simulation of coal samples based on micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) and scan electron microscopy (SEM) technology', Fuel, vol. 254, 115579. [Online] DOI:
  • Venuleo, S, Pokrajac, D, Schleiss, AJ & Franca, MJ 2019, 'Continuously-fed gravity currents propagating over a finite porous substrate', Physics of Fluids.
  • Yudhowijoyo, A, Rafati, R, Sharifi Haddad, A, Pokrajac, D & Manzari, M 2019, Developing Nanocomposite Gels from Biopolymers for Leakage Control in Oil and Gas Wells. in Proceedings of SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition, 3-6 September, Aberdeen, UK., SPE-195765-MS, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), United States, SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition 2019, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 3/09/19. [Online] DOI:
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