Dr M. Amir Siddiq

Dr M. Amir Siddiq
Associate Professor, Dr.-Ing., FHEA, CEng MIMECHE

Senior Lecturer

I am currently accepting PhDs in Engineering.

Dr M. Amir Siddiq
Dr M. Amir Siddiq

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Dr Amir Siddiq is an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at University of Aberdeen. He is currently deputy programme lead for UG mechanical engineering and also employability coordinator for the school of engineering. He is also a member of advanced manufacturing leadership group as part of scottish research partnership in engineering. He has been a university wide committee member which devise the employability framework for the students.

Previously, he has worked at Max-Planck Institute for Metal Research (Germany), Robert BOSCH GmbH (Germany), SKF GmbH (Germany), University of Sheffield (UK), NED University (Pakistan), KAUST (KSA), University of Strathclyde (UK), and Advanced Forming Research Centre (UK). He has authored/co-authored more than 80 technical papers in refereed journals and conferences. Dr Siddiq holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy of UK, a Chartered Engineer and a member of IMechE UK.

His research has been focused on multiscale mechanics of materials, structures and manufacturing processes which include

  • data driven computational mechanics
  • machine learning based constitutive modelling
  • advanced manufacturing
  • integrity assessment
  • deformation and failure in materials and their interfaces 
  • residual stress measurement and predictions
  • renewable energy systems
  • stress corrosion cracking

His current grant portfolio as a PI includes a number of research council funded projects, in addition he has been a Co-I on a number of projects funded by different industries (link). Some of his articles have been in the list of hottest articles on Elsevier and ASME lists. One of his articles had been in the list of most cited papers in Mechanics of Materials. He has also delivered many invited talks on different industrial and academic forums.


PG Cert, Advanced Academic Practice University of Strathclyde 2014
PhD, Mechanical Engineering Max-Planck Institute for Metal Research & University of Stuttgart 2006
MSc, Computational Mechanics of Materials & Structures University of Stuttgart 2003
BEng, Mechanical Engineering NED University of Engineering & Technology 1999

Latest Publications

  • A new route for developing ultrafine-grained Al alloy strips using Repetitive Bending under Tension

    Tamimi, S., Sivaswamy, G., Pirgazi, H., Shalchi Amirkhiz, B., Moturu, S., Siddiq, A., Kockelmann, W., Blackwell, P.

  • A Multiscale Constitutive Model for Metal Forming of Dual Phase Titanium Alloys by Incorporating Inherent Deformation and Failure Mechanisms

    Asim, U. B., Siddiq, M. A., McMeeking, R., Kartal, M.

  • Computational Modelling of Microstructural Deformation in Metastable β Titanium Alloys

    Christie, P., Siddiq, A., McMeeking, R., Kartal, M.

  • Crystal Plasticity based Study to Understand the Interaction of Hydrogen, Defects and Loading in Austenitic Stainless Steel Single Crystals

    Ogosi, E., Siddiq, A., Asim, U. B., Kartal, M. E.

  • Mechanical response and microstructure evolution of commercially pure titanium subjected to Repetitive Bending under Tension

    Tamimi, S., Sivaswamy, G., Siddiq, M. A., Leacock, A., Blackwell, P.

View all Publications

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Member of University of Aberdeen Positive Outcome Taskforce to develop Career Development Framework for Students (2016 – 2020).
  • Undergraduate Deputy Programme Leader (Mechanical Engineering), University of Aberdeen (2016-todate).
  • Employability Coordinator, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen (2016-todate).
  • Deputy Programme Coordinator (MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering), University of Aberdeen (2017-2018).
  •  Book Reviewer: Taylor & Francis Group, CRC Press
  • Editorial Board: Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (JMET)
  • Proposal Reviewer: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Leverhulme Trust, Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO)
  • On the reviewer board of a number of international research journals
  • External PhD Examiner (5x Students)
  • Member of Advanced Manufacturing Thematic Leadership Group (AM-TLG) as part of National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland (2018-todate)

 Committees & Organiser: Conferences, Workshops and Events

  • Scientific Committee Member for International Workshop on Computational Mechanics 28 of Materials (IWCMM28), Glasgow, UK, 2018.
  • Co-organiser of topical session on Micromechanics of Materials from Atomistic Techniques to Crystal Plasticity Approaches, International Workshop on Computational Mechanics 28 of Materials (IWCMM28), Glasgow, UK, 2018.
  • Co-organiser of 1st International Conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Quetta, Pakistan, 2018.
  • Technical Programme Committee Member of Conference on Computational Materials Science and Thermodynamic Systems (CMST2018), Cambridge, UK, 2018.
  • Organiser of EPSRC sponsored one-day symposium/workshop on Multiscale Mechanics of Deformation and Failure in Materials at University of Aberdeen, 2016.
  • Advisory Board Member for International Mechanical Engineering Congress since 2016.
  • Scientific Committee Member MMME’14 and MMME’15 (International Conference).
  • Co-organiser of Modelling workshop, Advanced Forming Research Centre, UK, 2012.
  • Organiser Sheet metal forming workshop, Advanced Forming Research Centre, UK, 2012.
  • Co-organiser of mini-symposium on Multiscale constitutive modelling of materials, US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM) 11, Minnesota, USA, 2011.
  • Organiser of Materials Modelling Colloquium in IMWF, Stuttgart, 2004-2006.

Prizes and Awards

Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA UK)

Since 2014

Member, IMECHE – Institute of Mechanical Engineering UK

Since 2018

Member, UKACM – UK Association of Computational Mechanics


Elsevier – Most cited articles published in mechanics of materials


Elsevier – Science-Direct Top25 Hottest Articles (see publications)


ASME Top10 Hot Article (see publications)


Session Chair for UKACM 2016 conference held in Cardiff, UK


2003-2006, Max-Planck Institute Research Fellowship


Best Teacher Award in Automotive Engineering Department, NED University


Nominated for Teaching Excellence Award (University of Aberdeen)



Research Areas

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your research ideas further.

Email Me


  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Solid Mechanics

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Research Overview

Amir's research interests fall in the broad category of experimental and computational investigation of materials and manufacturing processes. These include to some extent, the experimental supervision and in great detail the formulating and application of computational frameworks and material constitutive models for metals, soft materials and their interfaces at different length scales. His interests in these models are broad, spanning a wide range of macro-, micro- and nano-scale phenomena. Main areas of his research in the recent past and present include

  • deformation and failure in materials and their interfaces (aluminium and alloys, titanium based alloys, niobium, austenitic steels, nickel based superalloys, soft biological materials, shape memory alloys, composites and ceramics)
  • machine learning based constitutive modelling of materials
  • additive manufacturing (ultrasonic consolidation, 3d metal printing)
  • substractive manufacturing (material removal through machining)
  • conventional and nonconventional (ultrasonic assisted) forming processes (sheet metal forming, incremental sheet forming, extrusion, wire drawing)
  • subsea structural integrity and pipeline design
  • residual stress measurement and predictions
  • renewable energy systems (wind and wave energy systems)
  • stress corrosion cracking

Current Research

Amir's research group focusses on a variety of materials and their behaviour along with different types of industrial manufacturing processes. We currently are working on the following projects.

  • Machine learning based constitutive modelling of materials
  • Additive manufacturing: Metal 3D printing, ultrasonic consolidation
  • Effect of microstructure and defect morphology on microstructure based failure of aluminium alloys
  • Deformation and failure in single and dual phase titanium alloys 
  • Multiscale mechanics of stress corrosion cracking
  • Metal forming
  • Effect of ultrasonic energy on ductile damage of metal

We are always looking for outstanding PhD students, if you are interested in working on any of the above projects then please don't hesitate to contact myself.

Past Research

Selected Research Projects

Additive Manufacturing: Metal 3D Printing Using Foils and Powder

a) Laser Assisted 3D Metal Printing


b) Ultrasonic Consolidation [URL]


Substractive Manufacturing: Surface Defect Machining [URL]                   

Conventional and Ultrasonic Assisted Forming Processes [URL]


Stress Corrosion Cracking [URL]


Metal/Ceramic Bicrystal Interface Fracture [URL]


Failure Mechanism of Sutured Human Linea Alba Tissue [URL]

Ductile Damage due to Void Growth and Coalescence [URL]

Porous Shape Memory Alloys [URL]

Biomechanical Modelling of Knee Joint [URL]


Details about some of the projects can be found on the external link [Please Click Here]



My current supervision areas are: Engineering.

  1. Ahmad Basem Hany Alsawy (Post doc., 2014-2015)
  2. Eugene Ogosi (Part Time PhD Student, Primary)
  3. Umair Bin Asim (PhD Student, Primary, Graduated 2019)
  4. Kamel Bou Kamel (PhD Student, Second, Graduated 2019)
  5. Madhava Solanga Arachchige (PhD Student, Second, Graduated 2020)
  6. Joachim Kölblin (PhD Student, Second)
  7. Michael Olatunde (PhD Student, Second)
  8. Peter Christie (PhD Student, Primary)

Research Funding and Grants

  • Longevity and fate of structures left in place, OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGY CENTRE LIMITED, 2020-2024 (£200k) (CI)
  • Post decommissioning monitoring, Shell UK,2020-2022 (£ 302.997k) (CI)
  • Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Award, UoA and WilkinsonCoutts Ltd., 2020 (£ 10k) (PI)
  • Induced Ductile to Brittle Transition Impact Cut (IDBTIC), Scottish Funding Council and Clockwise Technologies (Ltd), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), 2019-2023 (£ 122.28k) (CI)
  • A Multiscale Constitutive Model for Metals during Sheet Metal Forming Process (EPSRC), 2014-2016 (£98,867.00) (PI)
  • A Computational Framework for Underwater Shock Response of Marine Structures (DSTL), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Apr-2014 - 31-Oct-2014 (£27,250.00)
  • Multi-scale Modeling of Stress Corrosion Cracking by Using Peridynamics (DSTL), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Apr-2014 - 31-Oct-2014 (£27,255.00 + £15,000.00)
  • Disc project - measurement and prediction of residual stress in quenched components (AFRC, BOEING, Rolls Royce, Timet, Aubar & Duvel, Barnes Aerospace), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Jul-2013 - 30-Jun-2014 (£300k )
  • Sheet metal forming and incremental sheet forming of titanium alloys (AFRC, BOEING, Rolls Royce, Timet, Aubar & Duvel, Barnes Aerospace), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Jul-2013 - 30-Jun-2014 (£330k )
  • EPSRC Small Equipment Grant Scheme for microstructure based modelling of polycrystalline materials (EPSRC), M. Amir Siddiq (PI), Period 01-Nov-2012 (£6.4k)
  • Residual Stress Measurement and Predictions (AFRC, BOEING, Rolls Royce, Timet, Aubar & Duvel, Barnes Aerospace), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Aug-2012 - 31-Jul-2013 (£ 175k)
  • Sheet Press Forming of Titanium Alloys (AFRC, BOEING, Rolls Royce, Timet, Aubar & Duvel, Barnes Aerospace), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Feb-2012 - 31-Jul-2013 (£ 118k)
  • Rate sensitivity effects in nanocrystalline materials during intergranular failure, M. Amir Siddiq (PI), Period 01-Feb-2012 (£5k)
  • Incremental Sheet Metal Forming (BOEING), M. Amir Siddiq (Co-PI), Period 01-Feb-2012 - 31-Jul-2013 (£ 125k)


Teaching Responsibilities

  • EG5085 (2014-15): ADVANCED TOPICS


  • EG4578 : GROUP DESIGN PROJECT (BENG Mechanical)

Supervision Responsibilities


Courses Taught in the Recent Past:

University of Aberdeen: Advanced Topics, Renewable Energy (Wind), Subsea (Offshore) Integrity, Subsea Pipeline Design, UG/PG individual and group projects.

University of Strathclyde: Advanced Forming Technology and Systems, Advances in Machining, Integrating Studies, Professional Practice, Introduction to Production Engineering, UG/PG individual and group projects.

NED University of Engineering and Technology: FEM: Applications in Automotive Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Automotive Vechicle Dynamics, Kinematics and Rigid Body Dynamics, Advanced Stress Analysis, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, UG group projects.

University of Sheffield (as tutor): Engineering Mechanics, Materials under Stress, Thermo-Fluids.


Non-Course Teaching Responsibilities

  • Programme co-ordinator
  • Mentor
  • Personal tutor


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