Applied Dynamics

  • Andrey Postnikov, “Modelling of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Slender Marine Structures”
  • Douglas Russell, “Improving the positioning Bandwidth of Integral Resonant Control Scheme through strategic zero placement”
  • Mukthar Sayah, “Nonlinear time series analysis applied to resonance enhanced drilling”
  • Sergi Arnau Almirall, “The ice scours caused by deep iceberg keels”


Power Systems, Communications & Optics

  • Yasen Harrye, “Modular DAB converter for HVDC application”
  • Ahmed Yusuf, “Accelerated Web over Satellite for Enhanced End-User Quality of Service (QoS)”
  • Alexander Stephen, “Heat management of semiconductor devices”
  • M Golam Murshed, “Unequal Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Ogboghodo Osayuwamen, “Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Identification and Quantification of Elemental Composition of Subsea Structures”
  • Mohammad Ishlah Haji Abdul Rahman, “High power dual active bridge DC/DC based converter”
  • Eduard Grigorescu, “Reduced Internet Transport Latency”
  • Jianxi Zhang, “Multi-terminals DC Hub steady state fault study”


Environmental & Industrial Fluid Mechanics

  • Kristin Newlands, “Study of the Flow Structure Resulting from Streamwise Inter-Rod Gapping”
  • Mahesa Bhawanin, “Effect of Oscillatory Flow Irregularity on Boundary Layer Hydrodynamics and Sand Transport Rates”
  • Matthew Witz, “The Mechanics of Particle Entrainment in Turbulent Open Channel Flows”


Solid & Granular Mechanics

  • Maryam Heidari, “3-D modelling of functionally graded coatings”
  • Judith Chika Abolleokoyeagu, “Detecting Impacts along pipes by method of stress wave propagation”
  • Usman Abubakar, “A New Approach for Stochastic Chemical Process Design”
  • Joseph Amieibibama, “Investigating Liquid Loading in Gas Wells”
  • Fahmy Ibrahim Hussein, “New Era of Risk Management Implemented for Satah Field Full Field Development, Brown Field with High H2S Content”


Materials & Chemical Engineering

  • Hoda Beltagui, “Green Concrete Project: Marine durable concrete products”
  • Naomi Patterson, “Green Concrete Block Products”
  • Theodore Hanein, “Novel Production of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement”
  • Jennie Morrison, “CO2 Sequestration in the Mg(OH)2-CO2-H2O system