Text area: The text area of the manuscript is 16cm wide and 24cm deep. Please allow for at least 2.5cm top, bottom, right and left margins. All text, tables and figures must be within this area. Insert the tables and figures within the text. 

Page Extent: Maximum 8 pages are allowed. 

Font Size: The text should be set in 11 point Times Roman font in LaTeX and 12 point Times New Roman font in WORD, using single line spacing, single column format and Justified throughout. 

Figures: Only black and white, ie no colour figures are allowed. 

Style: All papers should be in English, have an abstract and conclusions in addition to introduction and technical sections. References should be cited in the text in the numerical order of their appearance and must be placed at the end of the paper and set in the following order:
Authors Initials, Surname, Year, Title of paper, Source, Volume, Page numbers.
Please put the following heading (in italic font) only on the first page of the paper:
Proceedings of the 9th UK Conference on Boundary Integral Methods, University of Aberdeen, UK, 8-9th July 2013
Please do not number the pages. See a sample of the paper. It is important to stress that a paper will not be accepted if it does not follow the aforementioned format. 

Authors should send the PDF file of the paper by e-mail to:
O.Menshykov (e-mail: o.menshykov@abdn.ac.uk)
as an attachment before 30 January 2013.

The submitted papers will be reviewed by two competent referees. The final version of the accepted papers must be sent before 30th April 2013, which is the final deadline. The refereed proceedings (with ISB number) will be available at the conference. Please note that each registered participant can present maximum one paper at the conference. Only the accepted papers which will be presented at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings.