We are offering 15 Graduate Apprenticeship places on the BEng Civil Engineering degree programme (SCQF Level 10) commencing in September 2020. Graduate Apprenticeships are designed to allow you to study for your honours degree while you continue working. As a Graduate Apprentice, you will undertake about 80% of your learning at work and 20% at university.

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Georgina Andrew

BEng Civil Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship Programme

Tell us about your career up until you started the BEng Civil Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship programme?

Before I started on the BEng Civil Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship Programme I was a sixth year pupil in Secondary School. I completed my last set of exams before Summer and then began as an apprentice a couple weeks before the University programme started in August. I had been on work experience to a large local Civil Engineering project during my time at School.

What attracted you to the BEng Civil Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship programme?

I was attracted to the Graduate Apprenticeship programme as it allowed me to gain an accredited degree in the same time as full-time on-campus students whilst getting paid and benefiting from valuable experience in a workplace. It allowed me to develop skills in a work environment as well as gaining an insight into what University life is like. It lets you put into practice and see in real life some of the things that you have learned in the lectures. I also liked how we would have access to all the same amenities as the on-campus students would have.

How has participating in this programme benefited your career?

As a school leaver, who had just started in a full-time engineering apprentice job weeks before beginning the Graduate Apprenticeship programme I really had no previous experience in engineering. This was the very beginning of my career. Throughout my short time in the course so far I have learned far beyond what I could have imagined. My confidence has grown through a range of group working while in the workplace and using my own initiative when undertaking individual tasks. Due to the nature of the programme, my time-management skills have greatly improved and I have had to balance working, studying and time off. I have taken on new responsibilities and have gained a wealth of knowledge not only about engineering but life in the workplace in general. I have developed further, my IT skills and improved on my communication skills.

What advice would you give someone considering applying to this programme?

My advice to someone thinking about the BEng Civil Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship Programme would be to do it! Very few students have the opportunity to earn a salary while they study. Undertaking a course such as this one will set you apart from other graduates in the future, due to the unique experience and knowledge you will gain. You will learn masses from being around other Engineers and professionals working in the industry and this will undoubtedly enhance your studies in the long-term. The course allows you see real-life applications of the theory that you learn in the lectures. Overall, the programme provides a good blend of traditional campus studies with hands-on experience in the field.


Graduate Apprenticeships have been developed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Scotland’s national skills body, in partnership with employers, universities and colleges and professional bodies to create stronger links between education and industry.