In this two-part film making workshop, the AV team will work with groups of 4 participants to develop video acquisition and editing skills. The aim is to produce short (90s or less) films for the University’s website. The time period between the two dates affords each group with the time to refine their videos, using equipment loaned by the Public Engagement with Research Unit. Key content includes:-

  • Story-boarding your film and thinking through the core messages you wish to convey and what techniques you might employ
  • Practical sessions on getting the best from a video camera and microphones including good picture and sound and professional looking interviews and scene capture to ensure a quality end-product
  • Practical session on video editing software, based on Sony Vegas, but applicable to a wide range of editing packages for PC and Mac
  • Practicalities on getting your video online, including codecs, file formats and ways to disseminate