This 2-part workshop provides participants with practical skills and guidance for communicating science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to a general audience. It covers topical aspects of science and society issues, including the reporting of controversial subjects in the media and public impressions about science and scientists. There is also a section around engaging with schools, particularly secondary age pupils and the workshop is followed by an opportunity to sign up to become a STEM Ambassador. Key content includes:-

  • Communicating science with a general audience, expectations around knowledge level and hints and tips around engaging delivery styles
  • Practical exercises in vocal dynamics and how to use pitch, volume, rate and pauses
  • Reflecting on body language and how your audience respond to your physical presence when communicating
  • Opportunities for getting involved in science communication and in particular, for helping with secondary schools activity through the opportunities for STEM Ambassadors brokered by the STEMNET organisation
  • Optional follow-on session where participants can enrol to become a STEM Ambassador (note: having identification documents is mandatory for STEM Ambassador induction to be successful - interested participants must bring passport, utility bill and one other form of photographic identification)