What is it?

Au Magazine is a high quality student-led publication launched by the University's science journalism society in 2010. The science journalism society was co-founded by the Public Engagement with Research Unit working with an enthusiastic group of postgraduate and undergraduate students in our Institute of Medical Sciences. Since then it has widened to encompass dozens of students from across the institution, raised funds to produce 3 editions per year and achieved wide praise from professional journalists and high profile people in education, publishing and the media.

Who can contribute?

The readership of the magazine is intended to be general public and secondary school pupils. The editorial team are delighted to hear from staff and students who wish to get involved, primarily in one of two ways. Firstly, the magazine's sustainability depends on an enthusiastic editorial team so if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student interested in a design, writing or editorial role then please get in touch. Secondly, the magazine thrives on interesting, topical content and so an open invitation to all staff and students exists to get in touch with ideas for articles. The magazine is science themed but this is intended to be wide ranging, with recent articles driven by social science, anthropology, economics, history and humanities areas.

Where is the magazine distributed?

The Au Magazine team anchor editions into our major calendar anchor events, such as National Science and Engineering Week, University Annual Festival and TechFest. Copies are distributed to these events attended by several thousand people. Editions are also distributed to libraries, public gathering areas, shops and cafes, at our community cafe events, open days and via stands and exhibitions attended by University staff and students.

Is it for me and how do I get involved?

If you wish to be part of a sector-leading student publication that is designed, produced, edited and distributed entirely by its student/researcher-based team then the Au Magazine team might be for you. Being involved at the production level also develops other skills such as budget management, fund raising and quality control. More generally, for those wishing to write a topical article for a public audience then the magazine could be a good outlet. You can get in touch with the Au Magazine team here or visit their website.