In an industry that is forever evolving and offering organisations major challenges around staff competencies and skills development, the ongoing educational and training needs of employees working in the industry is crucial to success in delivering projects and remaining competitive in a global environment.

We recognise across all roles, there will be common themes in terms of training needs. We also recognise that there will be major variances with different organisations regarding what they require for their staff at any given time.      

Our offering in CPD is developed in two main ways. We have a number of already established MSc degree programmes and training programmes that have been specifically tailored for individuals working in the industry. The programmes can be studied in a modular fashion on a part-time basis to suit individuals working. In some cases, previous industry experience will be essential, whereas others are aimed more at newcomers to the industry.

These programmes/courses include:

Our second strand of CPD focusses much more on our ability to develop tailored training products and solutions to suit the exact needs of an organisation.  We are capable of drawing upon our inter-disciplinary teams operating in the Aberdeen Institute of Energy to tailor an exact programme to suit and to be delivered at a specialist/MSc or more of an introductory level. We have experience of delivering CPD in company premises, to varying group sizes, in-country and over an agreed period of time.