Professor Igor Guz

Professor Igor Guz
Professor Igor Guz

Professor Igor Guz

PhD, DSc

Chair in Solid Mechanics


School of Engineering, Fraser Noble Building (Room 280), University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 3UE, Scotland


Professor Guz is Director of the NRPe (Northern Research Partnership in Engineering) since 2021 and was Head of School of Engineering in 2013-2021. He joined Aberdeen in 2002 as a Lecturer becoming personal Chair in Engineering in 2007 and the Sixth Century Chair in Solid Mechanics in 2010. Prior to joining Aberdeen, he worked at various positions in Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics, Vienna University of Technology, University of Stuttgart, University of Paderborn, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London. 

Professor Guz's main research interests are in solid mechanics. His lifelong research in advanced anisotropic materials (particularly those with strong internal heterogeneities occurring at multiple scales), fracture mechanics, nanomaterials, vibrations control, coupled thermos-electro-mechanical problems has resulted in over 350 publications including 4 books and 150 journal papers. 

Professor Guz was organiser and Co-chairman of the Euromech Colloquium 400 in London and delivered over 60 invited talks at the leading universities in the UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Chile, China and South Korea. In 2004, he has founded the interdisciplinary Centre for Micro- and Nanomechanics (CEMINACS) in Aberdeen, an internationally recognised centre of excellence in mechanics of heterogeneous media.  

He is Editor-in-Chief of Composites and Advanced Materials (formerly Advanced Composites Letters) since 2019 and member of the Editorial Boards of several journals including International Applied Mechanics, Ships & Offshore Structures, and Mechanics of Composite Materials.

Professor Guz is serving on the SRPe (Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering) and the ETP (Energy Technology Partnership) Boards. Outside academia, he is working closely with industry bodies and the local authorities focussing on maximising the benefits to the region from innovation, internationalisation, training and learning.

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships
  • Head of School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen (2013-2021)
  • Member of the Senatus Academicus, University of Aberdeen (since 2008)
  • Engineering Advisory Board, University of Aberdeen (since 2012)
  • UoA15 Lead for REF2014 submission, University of Aberdeen (2012-2013)
  • Head of the Centre for Micro- and Nanomechanics, University of Aberdeen (2004-2013)
External Memberships
  • Director of NRPe (Northern Research Partnership in Engineering) since 2021
  • Editor-in-Chief of Composites and Advanced Materials (formerly Advanced Composites Letters)
  • Extraordinary Professor of Pusan National University (South Korea)
  • Elected Fellow of SNAME - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
  • Board Membership of
    • SRPe (Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering)
    • ETP (Energy Technology Partnership)
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of International Applied Mechanics
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Ships and Offshore Structures
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • Member of the German Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM)
  • Member of the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH)
  • Member of the National Committee of Ukraine on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Prizes and Awards

Professor Guz received the Doctor of Sciences (DSc) degree from the Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics and was awarded the Prize of the Academia Europaea and The State Prize of Ukraine in Science & Technology. He won several prestigious research fellowships (Humboldt Fellowship in Germany, Lisa Meitner Fellowship in Austria and several Fellowships at Cambridge University from the Royal Society). He became an Elected Fellow of SNAME in 2016 and was appointed as an Extraordinary Professor of the Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea in 2018.

Professor Guz was a member of several Expert and Final Panels of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020 (EU). He is a regular reviewer for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK), the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Estonian Science Foundation (ETF), the National Centre for Research and Development of Poland, the State Education Development Agency (SEDA) of Latvia.


Research Overview

Professor Guz's main research interests are in mechanics of anisotropic heterogeneous solids; three-dimensional theory of stability; multi-scale 3-D modelling of composite materials and structures; fracture mechanics; dynamics of moving cracks; behaviour of pre-stressed materials and structures; non-linear materials under large deformations; joining technologies for metal matrix composites; impact and damage tolerance of stiffened structures; numerical methods; rock mechanics; nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.


Over the years, Professor Guz established collaborative links with UC Berkeley, Caltech, Texas A&M University, University of California at Santa Barbara, Tufts University, University of New Hampshire (USA), Berlin Technical University, University of Stuttgart, University of Paderborn, University of Bremen,  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany); Vienna University of Technology (Austria); Monash University (Australia); University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, DSTL, QinetiQ (UK); Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia); Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics (Ukraine) and other institutions in France, Italy, Germany and the USA.

Funding and Grants

In recent years, Professor Guz's research attracted over £1,000,000 of external grants. His current and recent research was supported by the variety of agencies, including BRITE/EURAM programme, NATO, INTAS, Academia Europaea (EU); EPSRC, The Royal Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, The Carnegie Trust, Technology Strategy Board, Ziebel UK Ltd, Balmoral Sectional Tanks Ltd., ICIAM99 Fund (UK); the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (Germany); the Austrian Science Foundation, the Austrian Academic Exchange Service (Austria); the American Physical Society and the International Science Foundation (USA). The projects include

  • Fracture propagation in heterogeneous materials subjected to multiaxial compressive loading;
  • Analytical modelling of fracture in compression along interfacial microcracks in ceramics;
  • Dynamics of moving cracks in pre-stressed materials and structures;
  • Dynamic problems for cracked layered materials with contact interaction of crack faces;
  • Effect of thermo-electro-mechanical coupling and non-linearities on dynamic processes in inelastic layered structures;
  • Local stresses in CFRP plates with a pin-loaded hole;
  • Failure-after-impact analysis of stiffened composite panels under compressive loading;
  • Development of innovative joining technologies for metal matrix composites;
  • Multi-scale modelling of mechanical behaviour of composite materials with micro- and nanostructure;
  • Wave propagation in piecewise-homogeneous elastic pre-stressed materials with imperfections;
  • Predicting mechanical properties of novel nano-composite materials withbrush-like reinforcement;
  • Investigation of accuracy of a continuum fracture theory applied to layered composites and rocks;
  • Bounds for critical loads for layered composites with a special kind of delamination;
  • Exact solutions for functionally graded materials (FGMs) and structures

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