End-User Demand Modelling

Dr Takahiko Kiso
Energy efficiency; Transportation; Automobile fuel economy; Energy economics; Environmental economics



Energy Efficiency

Dr Peter Hicks
LNG tankers; Solid-fluid interactions



Distribution and Networks

Dr Khaled Ahmed
Digital control of power electronic systems; Power quality; Off-shore wind energy; Current source converters; DC/DC converters and HVDC

Dr Murilo Baptista
Stability, resilience, dynamics and collective behaviour of the energy distribution system

Dr Masood Hajian
Power electronics; Renewable energies; HVDC transmission systems; High power DC/DC converters; Electrical motor drives

Prof Dragan Jovcic
Power electronics,HVDC Transmission; Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS); Interconnection of renewable energy; Power system modelling and control


Low Carbon Construction

Dr Mohammed Imbabi
CO2 hydrates; Useful construction products from sequestered CO2