International, Regional and Domestic Legal and Regulatory Arrangements

Mr Greg Gordon
Oil and gas contracting; Licensing regimes; Challenges of the maturing province; Access to offshore infrastructure; Offshore health and safety

Prof John Paterson
Upstream oil and gas law and regulation



Policy, Taxation and Investment

Prof Alec Kemp
Petroleum economics; Integrated returns to investment in CO2 capture, transportation and storage; Economics of CO2-EOR in UKCS



Decommissioning Technologies

Dr Majid Aleyassin
Mechanics of offshore structures; Modelling subsea integrity; Modelling renewable energy systems (hydrogen fuel cells and wind)

Prof Fred Glasser
Cements for severe environments; Radioactive and hazardous waste immobilisation; Conversion of carbon dioxide to useful products

Prof Donald MacPhee
Cement chemistry

Dr Richard Neilson
Subsea; Decommissioning; Design; Dynamics/Vibration; Modelling

Prof Jan Skakle
Synthesis and characterisation of materials for: carbon capture, solid oxide fuel cells and waste remediation



Environmental Impact

Dr Alan Jamieson
Biological exploration of the deep sea and associated technology

Dr David Lusseau
Environmental decision support systems; Choice and behaviour; Environmental impact; Sustainability; Social and ecological modelling

Dr Beth Scott
Bio-physical oceanographic processes