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  • Recommended practice for probe permeametry

    Sutherland, W. J., Halvorsen, C., Hurst, A., McPhee, C. A., Robertson, G., Whattler, P. R., Worthington, P. F.

    Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 309-317

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  • Fatigue and creep of a constrained metal wire

    Akisanya, A. R., Fleck, N. A.

    Acta Metallurgica et Materialia, vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 121 - 131

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  • Parallel signal processing at Aberdeen

    Allen, A., Wang, D., Player, M.

    Proceedings of Workshop on Design Methodologies for Microelectronics and Signal Processing. Gliwice, Poland: Silesian Technical University pp. 343-347, 5 pages.

    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings

  • Model for the continuous impregnation of fibre tows in resin baths with pins

    Chandler, H. W., Devlin, B. J., Gibson, A. G.

    Plastics, Rubber and Composites Processing and Applications, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 215-220

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  • Role of subduction-plate boundary forces during the initial stages of Gondwana break-up: Evidence from the proto-Pacific margin of Antarctica

    Storey, B. C., Alabaster, T., Hole, M. J., Pankhurst, R. J., Wever, H. E.

    Geological Society Special Publication, vol. 68, pp. 149-163

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  • R-curve determination of carbon refractories

    Browne, D. J., Chandler, H. W., Smith, P. L.

    Light Metals 1992. Cutshall, E. (ed.). The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society pp. 665-669, 5 pages.

    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings

  • Mega‐debris flow deposits from the Oligo‐Miocene Pindos foreland basin, western mainland Greece: implications for transport mechanisms in ancient deep marine basins


    Sedimentology, vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 1003-1012

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  • Mobility of the high field strength, rare earth elements and yttrium during late diagenesis

    Hole, M. J., Trewin, N. H., Still, J.

    Journal of the Geological Society , vol. 149, no. 5, pp. 689-692

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  • Palaeomagnetic, geochronological and geological constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Mejillones Peninsula, northern Chile

    Hartley, A. J., Turner, P., Rex, D. C., Flint, S.

    Geological Journal, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 59-74

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