Participant (s)



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To establish and maintain sustainable links, collaborations and business partnerships with the oil and gas industry in Tanzania

Target Group (s)

UNIABDN, UDSM, major petroleum companies, local and national authorities; UDSM students


Description of Work

Task 5.1

During the implementation of the programme, networking with oil and gas companies will be crucial. This will involve the establishment of internship placements for UDSM students so that they could acquire practical and industrial experiences and hence be able can link the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. UDSM will build on existing interaction with companies based in Tanzania, including recruitment of student alumni into positions within leading E&P companies.

Utilising the outputs from research projects, UDSM will organise symposia and workshops to engage business partners at all levels of activity, including input to curriculum design and programme delivery through guest lectures, special topic presentations, student inernships and placements.



Expected Results

Increased and close working relationship between UNIABDN, UDSM and oil and gas companies working in Tanzania
Better knowledge of the industry needs which shall help UDSM to better position itself in relation to the industry

As a final result of this WP, SO4 will be fully achieved