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To upgrade existing facilities at UDSM and acquire equipment for sustainable oil and gas service provision activities

Target Group (s)

Staff and students at UDSM within the identified disciopline groupings


Description of Work

Task 4.1: Research & Training Laboratory Equipment and Materials

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Department of Chemical and Mining Engineering. 

For effective teaching and researchin petroleum related engineering specialisation, appropriate laboratory equipment is required.  Equipment will be purchased to equip three sections: The Analytical laboratory will offer measurements such as viscosity and density, oil characterization such as boiling point and hydrocarbon identification. The Flow Characterization Laboratory will offer flow measurement devices (mass flow and actual weights and volumes), pressure drop, flow stratification. The Catalyst Laboratory will offer development and characterization (physical, mechanical and chemical analysis) of catalysts used in oil and gas industry. A computational laboratory will provide detailed understanding and optimization of processes in question and complement experimental work. 
Equipment requested for the Petroleum Engineering laboratory is as follows:






Porosity measuring equipment




Pipe friction training panel


Shell-and-tube heat exchanger


NDT - ultrasonic and x-ray facilities


Gas detectors


Portable gas analyser


Equipment for measurements of viscosity, density


Flow measurement devices (mass flow and actual weights and volumes),pressure drop, flow stratification, etc.


FLUENT (CFD software for multi-purpose application for complex and multi-phase flows)


FLOWMASTER (Software for natural gas pipeline transmission network design)


Micropalaeontological equipment (binomicroscope, pickers, sample holder tubes)


Thin section unit

UNIABDN will work with UDSM to develop the laboratories, advising on content and set up, as well as offering advice on using this development to leverage other items of equipment in discussion with industry partners.

Task 4.2 Field Training & Research Centre

The Field Training and Research Centre is very important for oil and gas related teaching and learning. It can be used for studying outcrops, rock formations and mapping for oil and gas exploration and production.  The centre should be equipped with appropriate facilities to carry out drilling and preliminary preparations and tests, like core identification and sorting, core cutting and sizing as well as storage.
The concept for the establishment of the Field Training and Research Centre is that it should serve as accommodation and field laboratory while undertaking fieldwork. It will be of use to geology students of all programmes during fieldworks and research works. The centre should also contain facilities for oil and gas production, transportation and distribution systems quality control and maintenance management and testing (NDT) and  CNG fuel for transportation urban transportation and power remote stationary engines (gensts, prime movers, etc.)

UNIABDN and UDSM will work together through the project to develop plans for the station, to identigy a location and to develop a strategic plan to enable its development, including a fundraising plan.

Task 4.3 Enhancement of book and journal access

It is recognised that academic researchers, teaching staff and students require access to current literature and journal articles to ensure that knowledge is contextualised against up to date information and thinking. The project will contribute to the upgrading of the materials available to staff and students within the identified disciplines.


Expected Results

Expected results for T4.1, T4.2 and T4.3: enhanced facilities; increase in research projects undertaken; Improvement in ability to attract external research funding

As a final result of this WP, SO3 will be fully achieved.