Participant (s)



M1 – M36


  • To ensure effective coordination of the project and to implement efficient administration
  • To facilitate the communication between UNIABDN and UDSM
  • To ensure local ownership of the results of the action
  • To monitor potential risks and ensure the necessary execution of the contingency plan
  • To arrange required documentation and timely reporting and to solve financial issues and controlling appropriate use of resources
  • To oversee legal compliance for all project tasks

Target Group (s)



Description of Work

The financial and administrative coordination of the project will be responsibility of the applicant (UNIABDN) who will act as the legal entity in charge for all contractual arrangements and reporting because of its extensive experience in managing EU grants gained in the last 25 years.

  • Task 1.1 Organization and administration: UNIABDN will assume responsibility for the overall organization of the project and will be in charge of all administrative and organizational matters
  • Task 1.2 Coordination and communication: Both UNIABDN and UDSM will ensure smooth project coordination and communication during the project lifetime. UNIABDN will be the main responsible for the communication with all external bodies (public institutions, industry).
  • Task 1.3 Financial management and controlling: UNIABDN will set up a payment scheme based on the programme guides and will ensure its execution. The payment distribution will be made according to the payment scheme.
  • Task 1.4 Reporting and monitoring of work progress: UNIABDN will be responsible for collecting, compiling and producing of regular reports on the work progress. This will help to identify and reduce potential risks during the project implementation and ensure that project tasks are timely delivered.
  • Task 1.5 Quality management: UNIABDN will ensure high-quality project implementation based on its usual project principles and best practices, tansperant and coherent policy and Europe Aid programme guidelines.


Expected Results

This work package is designed to facilitate successful and high-quality project implementation. The result which is expected are (i) all project tasks to be delivered on time, (ii) all programme guidelies to be followed, and (iii) a developed contingency plan.