The consortium has identified the following Overall Objective (O1): To build educational, research, technical and infrastructure capacity at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) and through key partners for oil and gas promotion in Tanzania.

For a successful achievement of O1, the following specific objectives will be addressed throughout the project:

  • SO1 - To build capacity for oil and gas through improved educational programmes, capacity building of staff  (post-graduate programmes and staff exchange) at the  UDSM, and through addressing problems in the Tanzanian current educational system in achieving excellence in science for girls and boys.
  • S02 - To create a conducive research and knowledge exchange environment in sustainable development of oil and gas at the UDSM.
  • S03 - To upgrade existing facilities at UDSM and acquire equipment for sustainable oil and gas service provision activities.
  • S04 - To establish and maintain sustainable links, collaborations and business partnerships with the oil and gas industry in Tanzania.

The tasks which will be delivered during the project are allocated into 6 WPs for coherent implementation and smooth project management: