The first round of research projects approved under Work Package 3.2 are detailed below.

Academic Unit


UoA lead/team

UDSM lead/team


Assessing the oil-generative potential of  the Tanzanian coastal  sedimentary basin source rocks using oil seeps

Stephen Alan Bowden
John Parnell

John Gama
Emily Kiswaka
Elisante Mshiu
Nelson Boniface


Oil & Gas opportunities and aspirations of stakeholders in enhancing local content

Dr Zoe Morrison

Dr Esther K Ishengoma
Ms Nelly Maliva


Assessment of the local content and local participation around the natural gas discoveries in Tanzania: A case study of Songosongo and Mnazi bay

Prof Alex Kemp

Ms Rosemary Taylor


Structural modelling and architecture of the onshore Ruvuma basin of Tanzania

Prof Randell Stephenson
Prof Ian Alsop

Chone Lugangizya
Isaac Marobhe
Emmanuel Kazimoto
Gabriel Mbelwa
Nelson Boniface


A Scoping Analysis of the Policy and Legal Framework for a Sustainable Oil and Gas sector in Tanzania

Prof John Paterson

Dr. Sosteness Francis Materu

Social Sciences

The Assessment of Early and Expected Impacts of Oil & as Exploration and Production on Coastal Communities of Mtwara and Lindi

Dr Zoe Morrison

Ms Faraja Namkesa
Dr Opportuna Kweka


Stratigraphic, Palaeontological and Thermal Evolution of the Mesozoic Coastal Sedimentary Basin (MCSB) of Tanzania

Dr David Kemp
Prof David Jolley
Dr Stephen Bowden

Dr. Charles H. Kasanzu
Dr. Nelson Boniface
Mr. Cassy Mtelela
Dr. Amina Kamega
Mr. Stephen Magohe


Chemical Quality Control and Flow Assurance in Oil & Gas Systems

Prof James Anderson
Dr. Yukie Tanino
Dr. David Vega-maza

Dr Egid B Mubofu


Advanced Reservoir Management: History Matching Workflow

Dr Yukie Tanino

Mr. Oras J. Mkinga
Ms. Neema Bernard
Mr. Richard Moris +
    TPDC Felix Nanguka

Sustainable Devlopment

Governance and leadership in oil and gas for sustainable development in Tanzania

Prof Hilary Homans,
Dr Mark Igiehon
Prof John Paterson

Prof E. Dungumaro
Prof Severine Rugumamu,
Prof Suleiman Ngware,
Dr Juma Kiduanga,
Dr Benson Bana, REDET
Vedasto H. Mhanga, IDS
Dr. James Jesse