Kings College Comference CentreThe conference was hosted at the magnificent King's College Centre at the University of Aberdeen. At the heart of the Conference Centre is King's Auditorium - a stunning venue boasting large stained glassed windows, a barrel-vaulted ceiling, balcony area and individual conference desks. 

State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including a delegate voting system and video conferencing, coupled with distinctive surroundings make the Auditorium unique to the region.

Each individual conference desk has a designated microphone, lighting and AV panel, allowing delegates to send a request to speak and/or vote. The voting function is particularly unique, enabling the Chairperson to canvas opinion amongst delegates and receive statistical results on a separate digital panel, located on the speaker's desk.

Additional seating is available within the balcony area of the Auditorium, although these do not include designated desk facilities.